Your 24 Hour Residential Locksmith in Scarborough, Toronto


As a home owner or landlord, you need to be sure you have a designated 24-hour residential locksmith in Toronto. You never know when emergency lock, key, or hardware needs will arise—and they often occur at the most inconvenient of times. Action Locksmiths are here for you 365 days a year, any time of day or night—even on holidays.



Whether you, your kids or your tenant has lost their keys, replacing the locks should always be taken into consideration. You may choose to wait a day or two to see if the lost set of keys turns up, but to ensure that your keys are not in the wrong hands, have your locks replaced.


You should never ignore any changes to your lock’s performance. While there are a few DIY tricks you can try—such as using a lock de-icer for frozen locks, or using WD-40 to lubricate the locks—if the fix is not immediate it is wise to have your malfunctioning locks replaced as soon as possible.


If someone has broken into your home or attempted to break into your home, you want to have your broken or damaged locks and hardware replaced as soon as possible. We can come out and install the new locks you require to secure your home, and we will also suggest upgrades that will improve your home security.


While moving into a new home may not qualify for residential emergency locksmith, it is always a good idea to have your locks changed when you move into a new house. Landlords should also have the locks on their rental units replaced each time a tenant moves out—even if the locks are still sound.

Action Locksmiths have served the Toronto area since 1975 and is here to serve all of your last minute and emergency locksmith needs. We are also here for your standard lock and key maintenance, upgrades, and service.


Thinking Of Upgrading Your Home Security?

Aside from your material valuables, your family’s safety is of top priority. This means that you must consider areas of opportunity in your home security. To do this, you will need to gain a bit more insight about the options that are available to you. Below are just a few ideas for you to consider.


Even if your locks and hardware are sufficient, it is a good idea to rekey your locks every so often. This is especially important after your keys are lost or stolen, or after a resident or roommate has moved out. Find a reliable key making emergency service action locksmith and while you’re at it, consider upgrading to a registered lock system—with keys that cannot be duplicated without your consent.


Upgrading the locks in your home goes beyond upgrading your hardware, but also to considering some of the many options you have in keyless entry and electronic locks. The options are quite impressive—and are both secure and convenient. This includes a keypad lock or a biometric fingerprint scanner. This means you never have to carry a house key again.


Most interior locks are basic privacy locks, perfect for bathrooms or bedrooms. While these basic one-way locks will work for most rooms in your home, they may not be sufficient for your home office—or the room or closet you store your valuables. Aside from upgrading some of your interior locks, consider adding a safe to your home—or adding high-security locks to file cabinets, desks, or drawers. This way if someone does break in, they will have an additional layer of security to content with.


Modern advances in wireless technology make home control panels easily accessible to homeowners. A home control panel can help you to manage both security and energy efficiency. For example, you can remotely view your home while out of town, and can even manage the lights and TV—making it look like someone is home. The more advanced the system, the more you can manage remotely.

If you live in the Ontario area, and would like to upgrade or improve any of your interior or exterior locks—reach out to Action Locksmiths today. We are available for both scheduled and emergency locksmith needs—and can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 416-261-1422.


Do You Need A Safe?

Safes come in all shapes and sizes, allowing for a multitude of residential and commercial applications. Even if you aren’t a retailer who handles large volumes of cash, a safe can be of great benefit. Safes can be built-in, or placed wherever you like in your home or business. There are even high-security lockboxes that are portable, but impenetrable without the combination or key. Below are just a few reasons to consider adding a safe to your home or business, and a handful of items you can store in your safe.


Retailers that operate with large amounts of cash require a safe that is large enough to hold deposits, cash drawers, and change. You may even opt of a safe with 2 internal compartments. Even if your business does not operate in cash, you may need a secure place to store checks and petty cash.

For home use, your safe is an excellent place to keep an extra stash of cash ideal for last minute emergencies.


What constitutes as valuable, may go well beyond cash. This could include jewelry, coin collections, and small family heirlooms. You might even keep keepsakes, such as original or electronic copies of family photos—or handwritten letters or cards.


From sensitive financial information to backups of confidential files, to the hard copies of pertinent documents for home or business—a safe is an excellent place to keep sensitive information secure.


If you keep a small firearm at home but want to ensure it is kept out of reach of your little ones—a safe is an excellent place to secure your weapon. Just make sure that the key or combination are well hidden.


Almost every safe on the market today is fireproof, and many have waterproof features as well. This means that in the event of a fire or natural disaster, that the items in your safe are likely to be protected.


Many safes today are electronic, but some still use a combination lock or key. If it is time to upgrade or change the lock, we can help. We work on many different makes and models of safes and security lockboxes. Give us a call today at (416) 261-1422 to schedule your safe upgrades.

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