Locksmith Tips

locksmith-tipsWhen it comes to home safety tips, you can’t get a better source than a locksmith! We work with a wide variety of commercial and residential properties to address a litany of security concerns and demands. Whether you are a new homeowner who wants to take care of your new, somewhat intimidating investment, or if you have owned a home for a long time and simply want to brush up on home security measures, you might want to take note of the following tips:

  • Regarding New Homes: When you buy a new home, replace or rekey the locks. You honestly don’t know what the previous owner might have done in terms of making copies, losing copies, giving out copies, and so forth.
  • Deadbolts: A deadbolt is an essential component to protecting your home but you’re going to want to make sure this item is installed correctly.
  • Windows and Locks: In the event that you have a window near your door, avoid the deadbolt. In situations such as these, use a double cylinder lock that requires a key.
  • Finding a Locksmith: If you are on the hunt for a locksmith, there are several things you are going to want to keep in mind. Research any locksmith you come across carefully. Learn about their reputation in the community. Check out reviews on consumer websites. In the end, you want someone who is affordable, professional, efficient, and reliable.
  • Strong Doors: When it comes to the doors that separate your home from the outside world, you want solid wood, or you want steel. Anything less than that is something intruders can destroy and toss aside with ease.

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Ransomware Used to Lock Hotel Guests in Their Room

ransomware-used-to-lock-hotel-guests-in-their-roomA group of hackers recently used ransomware to trap a number of hotel guests in their room. Taking control of the central key management system at Romantik Seehotel Jägerwir, the hackers forced guests of the hotel out of their rooms. The discovery that hackers were behind the incident came when several guests of the Alps hotel realized that they could no longer use their card keys to return to their rooms.

The reservation system was also hit by the hackers, in addition to the cash desk system. All of this was done in the name of a $1605 ransom demand, which was to be paid in bitcoin. Left without any options, the hotel had no choice but to pay the ransom.

The hotel reacted quickly in the aftermath. Not only was the system replaced, but some computers were also delinked. This was done to ensure essential services would be able to endure, in the event of an attack in the future.

This story is unfortunately not a singular event. Ransomware attacks continue to be problematic for businesses of all shapes and sizes, and all across the world. A hospital in 2016 had its patient records hijacked, attached to a ransom demand of $17, 000. A university in Canada was recently forced to pay out a ransom of $20, 000 in order to get their hacked network back.

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Obamas’ New Home Will Undergo a Security Renovation

obamas-new-home-will-undergo-a-security-renovationAfter spending the past eight years in the White House with tons of security, it makes sense that the Obama family would want to make sure that their new home is as safe as possible. They will stay in the Kalorama neighborhood in D.C. while their daughter Sasha finishes high school. The home that they will be moving into is a $5.3 million dollar home that will be getting a number of security upgrades in order to make it as secure as possible. Moving is a headache for everyone, but for past presidents and their families, it can be even more difficult to find a suitable home and make sure that it is safe.

The major security upgrade that will be the most noticeable is a large brick wall that will be built in front of the house. Obviously, this is being built to deter anyone coming onto the property uninvited. Another change in the home is that the garage will be changed into an office. People everywhere have their fingers crossed for an Obama memoir and perhaps this is where that writing will occur. The Obama family has always had impeccable style and this nine bedroom, eight and a half bath home will no doubt be lovely when they are moved in. Neighbors are said to include Jeff Bezos and Ivanka Trump.

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Locksmith Builds His Own Aircraft to Travel to Work

locksmith-builds-his-own-aircraft-to-travel-to-workDoes your commute to and from work each day leave you frazzled? Do you ever wish you could just fly to the other side of town and skip over all the congestion and bumper-to-bumper traffic? Well, Frantisek Hadrava, a locksmith from a small village in the Czech Republic, turned this wish into reality by building his own personal aircraft for his routine commute.

It took Hadrava two years to build his beloved Vampira, an ultralight airplane this is built with a wood frame. It is quite similar to the Minimax Ultralight aircraft, except the Vampira has no cover over the cockpit, leaving the pilot exposed to the elements.

Most people are surprised to learn the Vampira is actually fuel efficient, saving precious time and money. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Aircrafts go through rigorous tests to be able to fly within local zones and the pilot must be certified to fly through the federal aviation department. Parking is no doubt an issue since most cities wouldn’t be able to accommodate even the smallest of planes.

Source: http://www.actionlocksmiths.ca/blog/62-locksmith-builds-his-own-aircraft-to-travel-to-work.html

Windows 10 can Lock your PC

windows-10-can-lock-your-pcAt the moment, Microsoft is working on a new feature for Windows 10 that will automatically lock and then secure your device if the O.S. picks up that the individual has stepped away from the machine. The feature has been called Dynamic Lock in a variety of recent test-build efforts. Internally, the company has referred to this feature as “Windows Goodbye”, which certainly makes sense.

Presently, Microsoft utilizes something known as a Windows Hello camera to allow Windows 10 users to log into their devices with only their faces. This would definitely change things.

At the moment, individuals can use the Winkey+L combination to lock and secure their devices. It is believed that streamlining the concept with the Dynamic Lock feature represents an easier, safer method for protecting devices. It is likely that Windows is going to include the Dynamic Lock feature within a major release. In all likelihood, this is going to be in the April Windows 10 Creators Update.

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