The Safest Places to Travel Solo to

the-safest-places-to-travel-solo-toEver have wanderlust? You’re not alone! If you’ve been itching to get away and to do it solo, you’re in luck! Thanks to various statistical sources, we’ve compiled a list of the top safest places in the world to travel to alone. Find yourself, reflect, or have an adventure in one of these destinations:

1) Auckland, New Zealand

Last year, this country was rated as the #4 most peaceful country worldwide and with good reason. Danger here is slim to none due to how open-minded everyone is along with the fact that their police force is one of the most trusted in the world. Basically, less corruption = less danger. Take a ride on the ferry to an island close by and see the youngest volcanos of the area.

2) Sydney, Australia

Isn’t it funny that a place that used to house criminals was named #5 safest place in the world in 2015? Sydney is unapologetically unique—walk along the Sydney Harbour and visit the Sydney Opera House. Soak up the sun on Bondi beach and be dazzled by the serene waves.

3) Osaka, Japan

Although Tokyo was named the #1safest place in the world, Osaka was #3 when it came to safe travels. Japan is both safe to live in and travel to. If you’re in Japan, you’ll probably notice that many women feel comfortable traveling alone late at night in the subway. Locals will often leave their belongings unattended in a coffee shop for example, without a care in the world. Sumiyoshi-taisha, one of Japan’s most ancient shrines is testament to this type of atmosphere. It features 3 gods as the Deities of Borders, who are believed to protect travelers!

4) Barcelona, Spain

Spain’s romantic culture, delicious foods, and stunning architecture are a draw for any travel buff. Gaudi’s famous Sagrada Familia cathedral is a must-see! Although the country was only ranked #15 in terms of safety, when traveling, pickpocketing is essentially the biggest threat.

5) Amsterdam, Netherlands

The #5 safest city in the world is also where drugs and prostitution are legal and many have argued whether this contributes to its safety. Take in the colourful architecture while biking and discover Van Gogh masterpieces while visiting the Rembrandt museum.



What Did The Locksmith Find In The Old Safe?

what-did-the-locksmith-find-in-the-old-safeVaults and safes are probably the first things that come to mind when we think of keeping our personal belongings safe. However, there are always going to be situations in which time passes, the owner of a safe passes away, or perhaps moves, and a safe is left forgotten. Although forgotten for the time being, it sits there, and sometimes, it can sit there for decades.

A safe cracker by the name of “Unkapier” took a crack at a sealed vault that had been considered missing for years and years. No one could track down the owner. No one knew what was inside. However, when Unkapier took a crack at opening it, the contents proved to be very shocking indeed. Getting inside proved to be only a minor challenge for Unkapier, who may have simply worked out the combination.

Upon getting the initial door open, Unkapier was struck by the discovery of a second door behind the first one. Opening the second door proved to be easy enough, revealing a number of drawers that might be used to hold jewels, important documents, and similar valuables.

Unkapier discovered several hundred dollars, including several extremely rare two dollar bills. There were apparently other treasures inside the safe but Unkapier refuses to reveal the rest of the contents.


Trudeau’s Home is Getting a 2-Million Dollar Security Upgrade

trudeaus-home-is-getting-a-2-million-dollar-security-upgradeThe federal government has put forth plans to spend approximately two million dollars on a comprehensive series of essential security updates to the home of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family. Rideau Cottage is getting a 1.6-million dollar upgrade from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The National Capital Commission (NCC), the group responsible for Canada’s official resources, is going to provide the rest of the funds.

Still waiting for parliamentary approval, the request takes up a small portion of the 101-page supplementary estimates document that was tabled in Parliament on Tuesday.

Trudeau has chosen to live in Rideau Cottage, which can be found on the grounds of Rideau Hall. This has been the alternative to the traditional address at 24 Sussex, which is currently undergoing some very significant repairs.

When asked why the security measures are only now being applied to Rideau Cottage, the RCMP pointed out that the house is traditionally not designed for a Prime Minister. When used, it has often been designated to someone else in government. Someone who is obviously not on the same level as the Prime Minister, which is a job that comes with a vast larray of complex security concerns. The RCMP further elaborated on this by saying that it has simply proven to be a challenge to bring the home completely up to the standards of security for a Prime Minister. This is due to the fact that the house was never designed to be used for a Prime Minister.

At the same time, the RCMP has not indicated any specifics regarding what the money is going to be spent on. Built well over a century ago, Rideau Cottage has a grand history behind it. As you may or may not know, it is indeed a historically-recognized site. However, some speculate as to what the money will be used for, which the RCMP has indicated as information that will be delivered “in due course.” Others point to the fact that the projected costs for renovations to 24 Sussex could run in excess of thirty-eight million dollars.