Truck & Locksmith Tools taken by Thief

truck--locksmith-tools-taken-by-thiefThe Calgary Police Service and the RCMP are asking for public assistance in tracking down a person who stole a locksmith truck from Airdrie and then stole equipment that is used in making keys for properties managed by the City of Calgary.

Owned by Locksmith ABOE, who is a contractor with the Calgary Housing Company, the truck was taken from a parking lot in southwest Airdrie Monday night.

While the truck was found Tuesday morning on Township Road 264 in Balzac, a number of items were missing from the vehicle, including some equipment and tools that can be used to manufacture keys. In addition, a number of sensitive documents about several CHC buildings were also taken.

Fortunately, the missing documents do not contain any personal information such as tenant names, according to City of Calgary officials. However, the documents and the equipment create the possibility the culprits could manufacture keys for specific CHC properties.

Because of this danger, tenants are being notified about what happened.

“Above all else, we are focusing on the security and safety of our tenants,” said Calgary Housing Company President Sarah Woodgate. “Currently we are partnering with law enforcement, neighbourhoods, the Fire Department and other partners to reach out to tenants and offer support. We want to make sure that there is no risk to their safety and take precautions prevent future breaches like these.

According to the CHC, this is the first time such a theft has occurred. The CHC currently manages 7,300 units with 25,000 in about 211 properties scattered throughout the city. Officials aren’t sure about the number of tenants that would be impacted by the breach, but are working to change the locks on many of them.

They don’t have any estimate on how many units are in need of having the locks changed, but the work should last six weeks. There are also no details about where the money for the work will come from.

And for the time being, authorities are also boosting the number of security on CHC properties to help keep residents safe and they are working closely with tenants who have raised specific security concerns.

Officials have also declared their intention to start working more with contractors about their processes for storing and handling information.



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