Robbers Try But Fail To Crack Safe of BURS

robbers-try-but-fail-to-crack-safe-of-bursWhat’s making news today is a frightful scene that occurred at Tlokweng International border that involved Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS) workers. What they discovered was that thieves whose fundamental goal was to break into their safes, rummaged through their workplaces, but thankfully they were not successful in breaking into the safes. Luckily none of the workers were present so no one was injured.

On Tuesday morning it was reported that as workers of both units were accounting for undertaking, they discovered the disaster that had occurred. Their office entryways broken completely unlatched and found that there had been gatecrashers who had attempted to interfere their way into their safes however luckily couldn’t and were additionally discouraged by the inescapable stunt. Clearly the robbers were not as successful as they wanted to be or very smart for the matter.

Drake Ramaeba commented on the reports. He is the BURS Tlokweng Border gate Customs Manager. He stated, “It was evident that they were quite curious to get into the rooms and that they would stop at nothing by using dynamite, but they evidently failed. This hasn’t been the first time so they knew what they were getting into and were prepared hence the strong rooms.

Robson Maleka, the Tlokweng police headquarters Commander Superintendent mentioned how the incident was strange. The case was reported to their office and the details were confirmed. Cases like these although strange, are common. It’s important to make sure they can’t break into safes and that a safe workplace environment is established.

“It would seem that whoever was there, attempted to open the safes yet fizzled and they wound up going back on their intensions of ransacking both spots,” he said.

Since the robbers failed to open the safes, they gave up and took off and didn’t bother robbing the other areas.

Maleka said the robbers have not been caught so unfortunately no arrests have been made. This of course will not stop the police from finding the crooks and from further investigating the case.



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