Home Security could be Forever Changed with an all-seeing Box

home-security-could-be-forever-changed-with-an-all-seeing-boxCognitive Systems, a Waterloo-based security company founded in 2014, has recently developed something that could revolutionize the way we protect our homes. The device is called Aura, and it detects intruders by monitoring the movements of the beings inside the house.

Before this, only cameras, sensors, and a few microphones were available to the public for domicile security, but they need to be strategically placed, and even the newest ones aren’t all that advanced. What separates Aura from other products is the way in which it senses motion. You can install it in your bathroom and have no privacy concerns.

Developing a product that wirelessly picks up movement has been an ongoing process for several firms. While some of these products get a glimpse behind opaque walls and respond to voice commands, Cognitive Systems’ Aura is made of two stationaries, one main and one collaborator. The collaborator alerts the homeowner through an app about any movement in the house and the frequency of that movement.

Categorizing motion is an accomplishment Aura has yet to achieve, though it is programmed to filter out inanimate objects falling or swaying in the wind as well as pet movement. The device also struggles with converting movement into visual information, settling for a line graph setup for the time being.

Because Aura has not yet been tested in a home, it’s hard to say whether or not it’s ideal for the safety-conscious homeowner. Considering it’s equipped with a radio chip that can detect signals up to 4Ghz and can separate exterior movements from interior ones, Cognitive Systems expects Aura to aid in both home security and spectrum.

The importance of spectrum in particular is growing at a rapid rate, meaning Aura’s chip could contribute to the wireless network market as well. For now, the device will tackle home security only, selling for $684.77 CAD.

Although the product is expensive and the target audience is small, Cognitive Systems is confident that Aura will appeal to both homeowners and associate companies willing to pay the price.

Source: http://www.actionlocksmiths.ca/blog/78-home-security-could-be-forever-changed-with-an-all-seeing-box.html


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