This is Why it’s so Important to Choose a Credible Locksmith

this-is-why-its-so-important-to-choose-a-credible-locksmithWith city inhabitants relying on locksmiths to help them get out of dire situations, these locksmiths need to be reputable. But recently, the residents of Minnesota have had unsettling and potentially dangerous encounters with the head locksmith from Metro Lockout.

When Sue Heroff called Todd Shiber of the otherwise trusted company to fix her car tire, he demanded she stay inside as he completed the task, going so far as to prod her with his jack handle. Heroff grew fearful very quickly, afraid Shiber would hurt her.

Another customer, Zach DuBois, recently had a similar experience with Shiber, whom he called to unlock his vehicle. Shiber reportedly removed his headlight and swung it around to the point where it flew off and hit the ground. Luckily, DuBois’s neighbours helped put a stop to Shiber’s outrageous behaviours.

There were two more notable occurrences in which Shiber argued with a customer and intentionally crashed his van into the car, damaging the front of it, and in which Shiber pointed his screwdriver towards his customer and yelled at him.

These events, in addition to a few others, have earned Shiber criminal charges, and his case is to be taken to court. Though this situation may seem shocking to outsiders, it wasn’t all that unpredictable, considering that Minnesota has not put license requirements into place for locksmiths.

Even if your area doesn’t make locksmith licensing mandatory, it’s extremely important to do as much research as possible before phoning up just any company. You may be in a state of emergency, but taking the extra time to find a credible locksmith is well worth keeping yourself safe.