Home Safety for Senior Citizens

home-safety-for-senior-citizensSenior citizens often prefer to maintain their independence for as long as possible, but living alone can put them in a dangerous spot if an emergency occurs. A great way to ensure your senior family member’s safety is to set up an automatic security system for their home.

Some security systems can detect empty rooms and switch off lights or running devices, keeping the residence safe and energy-conservative. They can also notify homeowners when there are potential threats outside the house or when guests exit the building.

Surveillance cameras are extremely useful for checking on the home, inside and out. They can be connected to your smartphone so you can see the footage remotely and ensure the seniors in your life are safe.

Certain home security systems can call 9-1-1 in emergency situations, as the home’s senior residents may not be able to do so. Additionally, if a break-and-enter is attempted on the home, the alarms go off and the security company receives an automatic update. Better yet, if your senior family member wishes to move into a new home, most security companies will aid in transporting the system to the designated location.

With simple ways of keeping your senior family member safe while still granting them their autonomy, home security systems are the way to go. Feel free to contact us to learn about our various available options!

Source: http://www.actionlocksmiths.ca/blog/77-home-safety-for-senior-citizens.html