This is Why it’s so Important to Choose a Credible Locksmith

this-is-why-its-so-important-to-choose-a-credible-locksmithWith city inhabitants relying on locksmiths to help them get out of dire situations, these locksmiths need to be reputable. But recently, the residents of Minnesota have had unsettling and potentially dangerous encounters with the head locksmith from Metro Lockout.

When Sue Heroff called Todd Shiber of the otherwise trusted company to fix her car tire, he demanded she stay inside as he completed the task, going so far as to prod her with his jack handle. Heroff grew fearful very quickly, afraid Shiber would hurt her.

Another customer, Zach DuBois, recently had a similar experience with Shiber, whom he called to unlock his vehicle. Shiber reportedly removed his headlight and swung it around to the point where it flew off and hit the ground. Luckily, DuBois’s neighbours helped put a stop to Shiber’s outrageous behaviours.

There were two more notable occurrences in which Shiber argued with a customer and intentionally crashed his van into the car, damaging the front of it, and in which Shiber pointed his screwdriver towards his customer and yelled at him.

These events, in addition to a few others, have earned Shiber criminal charges, and his case is to be taken to court. Though this situation may seem shocking to outsiders, it wasn’t all that unpredictable, considering that Minnesota has not put license requirements into place for locksmiths.

Even if your area doesn’t make locksmith licensing mandatory, it’s extremely important to do as much research as possible before phoning up just any company. You may be in a state of emergency, but taking the extra time to find a credible locksmith is well worth keeping yourself safe.



Beloved Locksmith and Practical Joker Dies at 83

beloved-locksmith-and-practical-joker-dies-at-83After decades of cracking codes and cracking jokes, Phil “Drill Bits” Hobbs died in his hometown of Meriden. He dedicated his life to picking locks, making people smile, and teaching them about religion, having started Phil’s Lockshop and joining the First Assembly of God.

Born in the town of Maine, he went to Farmington High School and broke the state’s pole vault record, maintaining his status for over a decade. He wasn’t limited to just track and field, however, playing football and softball before eventually serving in the army. Post-war, Hobbs finally turned his focus to locksmithing.

Hobbs opened many a vault during his lifetime, including a notoriously tricky one dubbed the Mosler Monster in a loan services location. When he wasn’t dealing with locks, he enjoyed using humourous devices like false needles, jumpscare pop-up books, and coins nailed to the floor that confused unsuspecting victims.

Additionally, Hobbs began a Royal Rangers program for boys of the Assembly of God churches, reaching out to all corners of Southern New England. He had many roles with the church, and even helped construct the building upon his arrival to the city.

Phil Hobbs is survived by his wife Barbara, along with their children and grandchildren. The Hobbs family has maintained ownership of Phil’s Lockshop, and are still running the store today.


How to Avoid being Scammed by a Fake Locksmith

how-to-avoid-being-scammed-by-a-fake-locksmithImagine this Situation: Locked out of your home or car, you are in a pickle and call the first locksmith you come across in a google search. But this could be both a bad and expensive idea.

In fact, you could have just called a rogue locksmith and there’s no way of knowing that until they show up.

It has unfortunately happened where homeowners or car owners are taken advantage of and have had to pay hundreds to access their home.

The Lesson? Beware of prices that look too good to be true. What may happen is a locksmith will inform you that the price has gone up because it will take longer than expected.

Normally, this is not the case and getting into your car should not cost you hundreds of dollars. To protect yourself, make sure your locksmith has a uniform and a car marked with company logos. They are more likely to be trustworthy. You can also check reputations online, make sure you drill them about the cost and even better, check to see if they are part of an association of locksmiths or from a reputable company. Membership requires following a certain set of ethics.


Finding the Best Locksmith for You

finding-the-best-locksmith-for-youWhen you’re locked out of your house, the last thing you’re thinking about is how much a locksmith will cost. But if you’re charged more than you expect after the fact, you won’t be too pleased. So how do you know which locksmith to hire to make sure you get good service without breaking the bank?

First, get a quote or two. Be sure to ask the locksmith what the price will cover – many customers are surprised to find that the charge only covers the service, not the parts used, and are charged more than anticipated. If you’re short on time, ask for the names of the company representatives as well as all terms and conditions before signing anything.

While discussing the price of the job you want to be completed, get an idea of any additional charges that could be added should something go wrong. If you’re still satisfied with the price after learning about potential extra fees, see if the company has insurance in case of property damage. It’s also a good idea to evaluate the quality of service by looking for official company vehicles, positive customer input, and good overall business maintenance.

Request the locksmith’s ID and business card when they arrive, and in turn, offer them your own; mutual trust is important, even in short-term business transactions. Ask questions whenever necessary once the locksmith has evaluated the situation and proposed a solution, only agreeing to what you’re comfortable with.

If you have a bad experience with a typically well-praised locksmith, be more thorough in your future searches. Look for one with certifications including formal training, standardized test completion, and an ethics code they must abide by.

Follow all of the above suggestions and you’ll drastically increase your chances of finding a great locksmith for a reasonable price, even if you’re in a rush.


Truck & Locksmith Tools taken by Thief

truck--locksmith-tools-taken-by-thiefThe Calgary Police Service and the RCMP are asking for public assistance in tracking down a person who stole a locksmith truck from Airdrie and then stole equipment that is used in making keys for properties managed by the City of Calgary.

Owned by Locksmith ABOE, who is a contractor with the Calgary Housing Company, the truck was taken from a parking lot in southwest Airdrie Monday night.

While the truck was found Tuesday morning on Township Road 264 in Balzac, a number of items were missing from the vehicle, including some equipment and tools that can be used to manufacture keys. In addition, a number of sensitive documents about several CHC buildings were also taken.

Fortunately, the missing documents do not contain any personal information such as tenant names, according to City of Calgary officials. However, the documents and the equipment create the possibility the culprits could manufacture keys for specific CHC properties.

Because of this danger, tenants are being notified about what happened.

“Above all else, we are focusing on the security and safety of our tenants,” said Calgary Housing Company President Sarah Woodgate. “Currently we are partnering with law enforcement, neighbourhoods, the Fire Department and other partners to reach out to tenants and offer support. We want to make sure that there is no risk to their safety and take precautions prevent future breaches like these.

According to the CHC, this is the first time such a theft has occurred. The CHC currently manages 7,300 units with 25,000 in about 211 properties scattered throughout the city. Officials aren’t sure about the number of tenants that would be impacted by the breach, but are working to change the locks on many of them.

They don’t have any estimate on how many units are in need of having the locks changed, but the work should last six weeks. There are also no details about where the money for the work will come from.

And for the time being, authorities are also boosting the number of security on CHC properties to help keep residents safe and they are working closely with tenants who have raised specific security concerns.

Officials have also declared their intention to start working more with contractors about their processes for storing and handling information.


Locksmith Tips

locksmith-tipsWhen it comes to home safety tips, you can’t get a better source than a locksmith! We work with a wide variety of commercial and residential properties to address a litany of security concerns and demands. Whether you are a new homeowner who wants to take care of your new, somewhat intimidating investment, or if you have owned a home for a long time and simply want to brush up on home security measures, you might want to take note of the following tips:

  • Regarding New Homes: When you buy a new home, replace or rekey the locks. You honestly don’t know what the previous owner might have done in terms of making copies, losing copies, giving out copies, and so forth.
  • Deadbolts: A deadbolt is an essential component to protecting your home but you’re going to want to make sure this item is installed correctly.
  • Windows and Locks: In the event that you have a window near your door, avoid the deadbolt. In situations such as these, use a double cylinder lock that requires a key.
  • Finding a Locksmith: If you are on the hunt for a locksmith, there are several things you are going to want to keep in mind. Research any locksmith you come across carefully. Learn about their reputation in the community. Check out reviews on consumer websites. In the end, you want someone who is affordable, professional, efficient, and reliable.
  • Strong Doors: When it comes to the doors that separate your home from the outside world, you want solid wood, or you want steel. Anything less than that is something intruders can destroy and toss aside with ease.


Locksmith Builds His Own Aircraft to Travel to Work

locksmith-builds-his-own-aircraft-to-travel-to-workDoes your commute to and from work each day leave you frazzled? Do you ever wish you could just fly to the other side of town and skip over all the congestion and bumper-to-bumper traffic? Well, Frantisek Hadrava, a locksmith from a small village in the Czech Republic, turned this wish into reality by building his own personal aircraft for his routine commute.

It took Hadrava two years to build his beloved Vampira, an ultralight airplane this is built with a wood frame. It is quite similar to the Minimax Ultralight aircraft, except the Vampira has no cover over the cockpit, leaving the pilot exposed to the elements.

Most people are surprised to learn the Vampira is actually fuel efficient, saving precious time and money. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Aircrafts go through rigorous tests to be able to fly within local zones and the pilot must be certified to fly through the federal aviation department. Parking is no doubt an issue since most cities wouldn’t be able to accommodate even the smallest of planes.