Tablet Vs. Smartphone Security

tablet-vs-smartphone-securityWhen we think mobile security, we think smartphones. Since these mini computers have become such an essential part of our everyday lives, it’s no wonder that personal security, in relation to these devices, has become such a major concern. Recent news even revealed that Android has officially beat out Windows as the most used system in relation to Internet use!

Tablets have also taken on a greater role in many people’s homes and/or businesses. Since we still don’t use tablets as much as our smartphones, we often don’t pay enough attention to their security features and we would all do well to brush up on the cybersecurity elements of these devices.

We’ll walk you through some steps you can take to up your tablet’s security so that no matter where you are, hackers and cyber criminals will be kept away.

Apps – Be careful as to what apps you’re downloading. Only download reputable apps from official app stores so you don’t expose your device to malware.

Secure your device – Choose a hard-to-guess password and be sure to change it every once in a while. If you sometimes use your device at the office or in any other public spot, be sure that the auto lock function is on and will activate in a short time-frame.

Add a security feature that’s unique to your device – Apply a security solution that is specific to your tablet or system. Features include geo-tracking, locking remotely, being able to wipe your device remotely and so much more.

Wi-Fi – It’s best not to automatically connect to public Wi-Fi. This might be a bit of a hassle at times but it is truly worth it as you’ll have full power over your tablet’s security.

Be on the lookout – Whether you’re surfing the net, shopping online, or banking from your tablet, always be on the lookout! Ignore emails you don’t recognize, prompting you to click on a short link as these can easily be viruses. Another red flag is friends sending you texts or even messages through social media messenger apps asking you to check out a promotion or sale that sounds fake.

We hope these tips were helpful with regards to you being more cyber-aware about your tablet!



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